Monday, May 31, 2010

"My Gender Is..."

Submitted by Genderqueer Hackers

"My Gender Is" is an automated tool that culls public Tweets, Facebook Status Updates and recently added search results for the prompt "my gender is" and presents some of the many responses. The scale of the text is used to represent recency, and the colors, pink and blue, randomly assigned, are those traditionally associated with gender.

Social media provides a vast medium for us to stream our lives and publicly hash out our internal deliberations. When taken in aggregate these broadcasts often become overwhelming, details lost in noise. The aim of this project is much like a photograph, a static snapshot of a moment in time --- a cross-section of the myriad emotions surrounding gender for a split-second. Anonymized and presented out of their original context, the floating words leave a viewer to distill and connect through their own lens and experience of gender.


  1. Unfortunately, this is all of the project that the creators submitted to us: I believe they are still building an online implementation of the script for others to play with.

  2. I love this application and really really hope that the creators make it available for others to play with. The possibilities for usage are endless!