Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hack Gender Web Space

The Hackgender project website is up at: All submissions hosted on individual websites can be found there, but new posts from contributors without their own space will continue to be added to this blog. Pieces are being grouped and regrouped as they emerge.

So far, submissions include:

Physical Bodies

Thoughts on a Pink Bathing Suit: Hacking Fat Gender and Considering Femme

Submitted by Marianne Kirby

Dear Gok...A Letter From a Fauxmo

Submitted by Quiet Riot Girl

Toon Temptation

Submitted by ChicaLolita

We Need to Talk About Bumming

Submitted by Quiet Riot Girl


Playing with my Gender Presentation Preferences

Submitted by Rosemary

Today I Am

Submitted by MonMouth

Searching for Feminine Subjectivity

Submitted by Sian and Crooked Rib

Virtual Bodies

The Female Avatar

Submitted by Alina Padilla-Miller

My Gender is...

Submitted by Genderqueer Hackers

Literary Crossdressing

Submitted by John Murray

Gaming and Gender

Just Don't Die

Submitted by Katie Chico

Personal Reflections

Gender and Silence

Submitted by Ithiliana

Learning in Progress

Submitted by Robin Rudd

Twitter Talk

Hackgender Twapper Keeper

All tagged conversations will be saved as part of the project.

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